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Rebuilding for Tomorrow


Did you know, divorce and or separation isn't just about signing papers – it touches everything: family dynamics, our kids, even our work mojo.   At Time To Inspire, we understand how difficult it can be to navigate through life's toughest phases and no one, most especially children, should ever have to face the traumatic experience.   

We at Time To Inspire (TTI) believe there is a need for awareness and we are here to offer you and your children the support you need during this challenging journey.   We've got your back, guiding you through this transition with all the support, from legal advice to a shoulder to lean on, expertise, resources and a supportive community to help change the outlook and outcome for the better you.  


We've got it covered.    

We also recognise the importance of mental health and financial difficulties which can come after separation thus can have a devastating & destructive impact on both the child & parent.    We're dedicated to championing mental health during one of life's toughest phases as we created a tangible roadmap for everyone who is isolated, at risk of exclusion and dealing with or has dealt with the effects of aforementioned difficulties.   Let's navigate this bumpy road together and rebuild a bright future for you and your little ones!  

Our Mission is clear:  To stand by you and your children, providing the vital support needed during this challenging journey and resources that TTI can bring to a wider community - such as our time, expertise, cohesion and the development of skills that will change the outlook and outcome as well as network of professionals who have the right information from the start and have been instrumental in most recent cases at the Supreme Court;  we at TTI, call it a "pit stop!" 

Did you know...

Despite nearly 2 in 4 couples facing separation and or divorce in the UK, that implies that as many as 90% of crime reports the police are burdened with from the relevant population pool are false, and made for the purposes of family court litigation.   MoJ Family Division reported that the prevalence of DA/DV allegations in family court is 62% of all private law cases and many lack the support they deserve.   Further facts also show that 6 in 10 adults (64%) experienced a legal problem in the last four (4) years and 2/3 of the UK population do not know how to get legal advice.   

A safe place to land

Divorce and or separation touches every facet of our lives, reshaping family dynamics, impacting our children, and clouding our focus at work. Our core mission is to offer clarity amid this profound complexity. We aim to bring stability back into your life and the lives of your children swiftly, guiding you through this transition.


Our focus is on providing a spectrum of resources and legal guidance, ensuring that amidst change, you find the support and direction needed to navigate this challenging phase and rebuild a stable, secure future for children.

Some of the topics we cover

We all understand the imperative of protecting children from severe parental abuse and or neglect, but how much do we really know?   To illustrate we use examples / statements based on research and personas for ease of understanding.

 Olivia Walker The Professional Mother

Olivia Walker

The Professional Mother

 Olivia Walker The Professional Mother

Dan Mitchell

The Remote Working Father

 Olivia Walker The Professional Mother

Noah Patterson

The Academic Father

 Olivia Walker The Professional Mother

Tess Anderson

Stay at Home Mother

  • Demographics:  44 years old, living in London, two children aged 7 and 9

  • Cultural Background: British & Chinese

  • Challenges: Balancing a demanding career in finance with the emotional and logistical challenges of separation.  Concerned about the impact of the divorce on children's mental health and maintaining the standard of living.


Here's a graphical representation of Olivia, a character who embodies the resilience and complexities of a mother navigating through a challenging divorce while balancing her professional life in financial sector and her role as a parent.  This image captures her mixed cultural background, professional yet comfortable attire, and an expression of hope and resilience amidst life's challenges, represented against a backdrop that blends elements of her work and home life.

  • Demographics:  34 years old, living in Scotland, one child aged 6

  • Cultural Background: European

  • Challenges: Dealing with separation while working remotely for an oil company.  Struggles with isolation, seeking mental health support, managing work-life balance, and ensuring quality time with his child.


Graphical representation of Dan, The Remote Worker Father, illustrating his journey of balancing remote work with active and hands-on fatherhood.  His casual yet professional attire, suited for both video calls and home life, along with the home office background, reflects his commitment to his work and family, embracing the flexibility and challenges of remote work within a multicultural context.

  • Demographics:  40 years old, living in Oxford, two children aged 7 and 12

  • Cultural Background: European & Vietnamese

  • Challenges: Juggling an academic career with the complexities of an international divorce.  Concerned about parental alienation, maintaining a connection with his children from abroad and navigating the UK's family court legal system.


​Graphical representation of Noah, The Academic Father, illustrating his thoughtful and caring nature as he navigates the blend of academic excellence and single parenthood.  His attire and the intellectual environment around him reflect his dedication to knowledge, teaching, and his child's upbringing.


  • Demographics:  32 years old, living in London, one child aged of 4

  • Cultural Background: British & Caribbean

  • Challenges and Financial Status: Living on government benefits in the UK, facing financial hardship.  Tess is focused on improving her and her daughter's lives through evening education and employment opportunities

  • Personality Traits: Determined, resilient and hopeful despite facing challenges

  • Lifestyle: Practical and modest, reflecting her day to day responsibilities as a caring mother and an aspiring professional.  She volunteers at a local Charity shop on the weekend


​Graphical representation of Tess - The Mother on Benefits is mixed ethnic origin, which she embraces and considers an important part of her and her daughters identity.  Tess is deeply committed to providing the best possible life for her daughter despite financial constraints.  Tess is determined to improve her circumstances through education and employment opportunities while maintaining a loving and stable environment for her child.  Tess's expression is one of determination, resilience, and hope, reflecting her strength and optimism in the face of challenges.  Her attire is practical and modest, suitable for her day-to-day responsibilities as a caring mother and an aspiring professional. 


Mental Health

Divorce and or separation can have profound effects on mental health due to the emotional toll and life changes it brings:

Understanding that separation often brings emotional upheaval and seeking help when needed is crucial for maintaining mental well-being during and after the process. Therapy, self-care practices, and seeking social support can significantly aid in coping with the emotional toll of separation.

Financial Difficulties

Separation can lead to various financial difficulties for both parties involved due to several reasons:

Navigating the financial aftermath of separation can be challenging. Seeking financial advice, creating a budget, and planning for the future are crucial steps to mitigate the impact and ensure financial stability post-divorce.

Impact on Children

Divorce and or separation between parents can have various impacts on children, both emotionally and psychologically. Here are some common effects:

It's crucial for parents to provide emotional support, maintain routine, and reassure children of their love and care during this challenging time. Professional counselling or therapy can also help children navigate their emotions and adapt to the changes brought about by divorce.

Legal Difficulties

During a divorce and or separation, several legal complexities and difficulties can arise, depending on the circumstances and the nature of the separation. Some common legal challenges include:

Navigating these legal difficulties during a divorce and or separation often requires legal representation, mediation, and sometimes, court intervention. Having a skilled attorney and maintaining clear communication can help streamline the process and resolve disputes more effectively.

Impact on Work

Divorce and forced separation from children can significantly impact people in the workplace, affecting their productivity, focus, and emotional well-being. Here are some ways it might manifest:

Employers and colleagues who are aware of an employee's situation can offer support, understanding, and flexibility to help them navigate through the challenges of divorce while maintaining a productive work environment. Access to counselling services, support groups, or employee assistance programs (EAPs) can significantly aid individuals dealing with divorce-related stress in the workplace.

Parental Alienation

Parental alienation occurs when one parent, intentionally or unintentionally, manipulates or influences a child to reject, fear, or harbour hostility toward the other parent during or after a divorce or separation. This behaviour can stem from various reasons, including unresolved conflicts, resentment, or emotional distress between the parents.

Parental alienation can be emotionally distressing for both the targeted parent and the child. Recognizing the signs early and seeking appropriate interventions, such as counselling or legal support, can help mitigate the effects and rebuild healthy relationships within the family.


Our Mission

We Listen We Grow!

We will never settle, and we will never stop the work required to make our charity, and the wider world, a fair and equitable place.  We will never assume that the work is done, and our journey completed as we want to constantly evolve and challenge ourselves so we can blaze our own TTI trail.  

It is important that we have a voice and get to drive change and that is why we empowering individuals navigating the challenging journey of divorce and or separation.   Our charity stands as a guiding light, offering unwavering support, comprehensive advice, vital resources, and a compassionate hand to those in need.

Committed to fostering resilience and restoration, we provide a safe haven where individuals facing the complexities of divorce find the guidance, tools, and community they require to navigate this transformative phase with strength, dignity, and hope.
Through empathetic assistance, educational resources, and a network of caring volunteers, we strive to alleviate the emotional, financial, and logistical burdens, empowering individuals to embrace a brighter future beyond challenging journeys.


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