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Coaching & Mentoring

Our mission is to provide unwavering support to families navigating the complexities of separation, empowering both parents and children to thrive despite the challenges of parental alienation.  We are committed to eradicating the detrimental effects of parental alienation by offering comprehensive resources, counselling, and legal guidance.

Through advocacy, education, and compassionate intervention, we aim to foster healthy relationships between parents and children while prioritizing mental health and emotional well-being.   Our charity stands as a beacon of hope, championing resilience and healing, ensuring that no child or parent feels alone on their journey toward a harmonious and supportive family environment.

Therapy Session

Mentoring through separation

Navigating separation can be an incredibly challenging journey, especially when children are involved.  Our mentoring services are tailored to support parents through this intricate and often tumultuous process.  We understand the complexities and emotional strains that accompany separation proceedings, particularly when striving to prioritize the well-being of children amidst the legal intricacies.


Our mentoring program offers guidance, emotional support, and practical strategies to help parents navigate this challenging terrain, empowering them to make informed decisions and maintain a healthy relationship with their children throughout and beyond the separation process.

Coaching through separation 

In the midst of a challenging divorce and or separation, parents often find themselves navigating uncharted territories, seeking both legal guidance and essential mental resources to support themselves and their children.


Our coaching services are designed specifically to provide direction and comprehensive support to parents facing the complexities of separation.  


With a blend of Award Winning and Leading Family Law Specialists, that are not only approachable and affordable, they also bring the case down to the basics of humanity, and mental health resources, our coaching program offers invaluable guidance on legal proceedings, equipping parents with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions.

Additionally, we focus on fostering mental resilience, providing essential tools and strategies to navigate the emotional challenges that arise during this critical time.


Our aim is to empower parents with the resources and clarity needed to navigate the complexities of divorce while prioritizing the well-being of themselves and their children.


Understanding that separation often brings emotional upheaval and seeking help when needed is crucial for maintaining mental well-being during and after the process.  Therapy, self-care practices, and seeking social support can significantly aid in coping with the emotional toll from separation.

Domestic Abuse Awareness

Led by Alen offer a dynamic exploration of the prevailing realities within domestic abuse where we not only have societal issues and grossly misrepresentation and disinformation of what actually domestic abuse is, but also the proposition is that domestic abuse in the UK is a "gendered crime" which has no scientific evidence.  
The actual truth is, abuse has no gender.

Alen delves into the strategies employed by perpetrators to gain advantage in court proceedings, shedding light on their manipulation of the legal aid process. 

Drawing from personal experience, he elucidates potential outcomes sought by such perpetrators, highlighting his own complex situation. 

Navigating these legal difficulties during separation often requires legal representation, mediation, and sometimes, court intervention. Having a skilled Lawyer and maintaining clear communication can help streamline the process and resolve disputes more effectively.


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