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Texting Battle with a Narcissist

Updated: 1 day ago

Believe us, we understand, you want to go off. It is hard to hold back the frustration and anger to not send the nasty text back. After a conflict with narcissist, a narcissist will try to get to everyone first to tell their version of the story and to make you look bad and wrong. They set it up that when you finally tell your version of what happened, people and or professionals already think you are the guilty. They are experts at manipulating people into believing their own distorted reality.

Have you ever tried to get a narcissist to take responsibility for their actions?

How did that go? Our guess is - not well!

Narcissist dont like it when you ask them to acknowledge the impact of their behaviours, whether they were rude, insensitive, critical (and we don't mean constructive feedback), or flat out lied and betrayed you.... They simply dont want to be held accountable for it and if you bring up what they did more than once - they will turn the facts around and make you feel that you are going crazy and make it up as "the problem".

They will say things that will make you doubt your own sanity and they wont admit or own what they did... then you cant truly resolve anything....

Sometimes we dont operate as our best self and we go off the rails and then of course regret it later. It's a lot of work to work through the ego that just wants to set them straight.

Here is one thing we learned that made all the difference.... frustration was ruining our day, we learned how to let go of frustration as one must know that you will never change them.

And until you recognise this never ending cycle, you will stay spun up in its chaos, and only then is when you become free!

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