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Feedback matters to us

Thank you for sharing Time To Inspire.   Website offers a wealth of information and tools that can be extremely helpful to those who are struggling with these types of situations, and one of the things I appreciate about this website is that it takes a compassionate and empowering approach to healing and recovery.   Your trustworthiness and reliability have never failed to impress me, and your friendly and kind nature always brings a smile to my face.

So keep going, keep pushing forward and striving to make a difference. You have my full support and admiration.



Hi TTI, had a really good hearing representing myself.  

Thanks for your support and helping me.  


Really appreciate your help as you gave me lot's of valid points which have been very much appreciated.  

I am hopeful that next hearing will end all allegations and will see children soon.

 (Parent to two children)


I've been reading through TTI, and it is a really educational read.  It really makes you reflect.  


I am sure this is probably helping tons of people and I'll also share with my friend whom has been subject to narcissistic abuse and still is in a fragile mental state because of it. 



I really felt this charity and website had resonance with me.  


I have seen first hand the damage cost and suffering of separation.


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